Pre-emergent Weed Control

If you’re tired of mowing or weed-whacking or spraying weedkiller every time it rains call us! We have years of experience in weed control for firebreaks, around landscaping and roadsides. Long lasting pre-emergent chemicals can be applied during winter to kill seeds after they germinate. These chemicals work very well to control foxtails and other plants with burrs, which can save you money on vet bills!

Pre-emergents rely on rain or sprinklers to move the down into the soil where the seeds lie. This can make them less effective at controlling summer growing weeds. Pre-emergent spraying includes using post-emergent chemicals to kill existing  weeds.

Post-emergent weed control

Many plants and shrubs are best controlled at certain growth stages. Cutting or spraying undesirable plants at the wrong time is ineffective, a waste of time and money, and in some cases can make pest plants spread and cause regrowth for several years. We can help you deal with perennial grasses and shrubs such as Poison Oak, Blackberry, Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, and many others, with timely herbicide applications.