Native, orchard, and ornamental trees are subject to a variety of pests. All sorts of activity under or around a tree can cause stress or root damage, which make the trees more vulnerable to pests.


In our area oak trees might experience various pests throughout the growing season. As the trees leaf out in late winter, fruit-tree leafrollers, also known as oak worms, hatch and begin munching the leaves. Heavy infestations can temporarily defoliate trees and cover your outdoor living areas and cars with hanging silk and feces. These trees are easily treated with a single foliar spray, though these pests tend to reappear every year.


Our foothills and mountains host a beautiful forest of Ponderosa and Sugar pine. During normal years these trees have healthy sap flow which is their natural protection against pests like the pine beetle family. But years of drought can weaken trees and cause explosive beetle population growth. Even a healthy tree can be overcome if enough beetles attack.

An infested tree will not necessarily die. Survival depends on the vigor of the tree and the severity of the attacks. Certain insecticides have proven effective at keeping beetles from infesting and destroying these beautiful and valuable plants. Sierra Pest Control offers a once-a-year treatment as a protection against pine beetles.