Q: Can I pay with a credit card/debit card?
A: Not at this time. Cash or check only.

Q: Will the spray hurt my pets?
A: Most of the pesticides we use would have to be ingested in large quantities to cause harm. Because the chemicals are diluted and sprayed as a very thin film there is very little risk to mammals or birds. Once a sprayed chemical is dried it is virtually harmless to vertebrates.

Q: Will your spray harm beneficial insects?
A: Some beneficial insects are protected by law and spraying can only be done when these insects (honeybees) will not be harmed. The property owner must weigh in their mind the cost vs benefits of pest control versus potential beneficial insect loss. In most cases the pest problem is unacceptable (fleas for example) and the cost if justifiable.

Q: My Ponderosa pine is turning brown at the top. Can it be saved?
A: Once a pine has started to fade at the top it is usually already dead. We can help you look for other signs of pine mortality.

Q: Why does my Ponderosa pine has lot of brown needles among the green needles?
A: This is part of the normal shedding process that occurs yearly.

Q: My oak tree is dripping sap. Does it need to be treated?
A: Oak trees can be effected by a fungus that cause them to drip from branch tips. The trees are not harmed by the fungus and the dripping will stop as the weather cools.

Q: My oak tree lost all its leaves early. Is it dead?
A: Oak trees can be stressed or diseased and experience a leaf drop before winter. Wait a year or more to see if the tree improves. With valuable trees it is worth waiting.